Educating and Propagating of Agri-scientific Information

Quantitative and qualitative increase of agri-products depends on the education of farmers and the promotion of their technical knowledge. To achieve this aim, it is necessary to transfer the latest achievements of scientific researches to farmers. So that the new information will help farmers to gain benefits while researchers can practically see the results of their scientific researches at the same time.

This company has technical experts who are able to act as the bridge between farmers and researchers by receiving the required information from researchers and transfering it to farmers, using a simple and propagating way.



About US

Kerman Giahpezeshk Company ( KGC ) is a private company which is active in the field of agriculture. The company's goal is to provide assistance to farmers regarding the qualitative and quatitative increase of products, especially the organic ones. The technical experts, equipped labratories, and producers' trust are the assets of this company in achieving its goal.

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