Rearing Insect Pests for Scientific Researches

The implementation of scientific researches ( such as bioassay ) needs an abundant laboratory pest population. In many cases, lack of these insect pests in sufficient population will stop scientific researches or it makes them time consuming. In fact, the presence of a center to produce a sufficient number of laboratory pests is vital for the implementation of research projects.



Producing Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are usually produced in yellow and blue colors and they are used to monitor and control pests. Yellow sticky traps are used to attract various pests, such as aphids, psyllids, fruit flies, leaf hoppers and aleurodes. Blue sticky traps are specially used for thripses. These traps are available in different sizes including: 10*20 cm and 10*40 cm; rolls with 20-25 cm width and 100 m length.



Implementation of Integrated Pest Management

Reliance on chemical pesticides to combat pests and disregarding other means of control have caused several problems which can be listed as: pest resistance, secondary pest outbreaks, pesticide residues, and damage to natural enemies of pests. The application of different ways of control and considering chemical controls as the last resort ( IPM ) can prevent incidence of such problems.
Our technical experts are able to prepare integrated pest management programs for various crops based on the latest scientific information and possibilities.


Providing Consultation on Pest Management

Agricultural products are exposed to various pest damages for which there are different control procedures. Farmers suffer from these living organisms which are able to destroy most of the products and to decrease their yeild.

Consultation with our technical experts has a very important role in decreasing pest problems.



About US

Kerman Giahpezeshk Company ( KGC ) is a private company which is active in the field of agriculture. The company's goal is to provide assistance to farmers regarding the qualitative and quatitative increase of products, especially the organic ones. The technical experts, equipped labratories, and producers' trust are the assets of this company in achieving its goal.

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